Vision, values and core principles

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Our vision is to be a key service provider in the global SURF market.

We will realise this vision by adhering to our values and core principles, which determine how Ocean Installer operates as a service provider, an employer and a partner.

Our values:


    We believe trust is earned by consistently delivering as promised. We are open, honest and upfront with our clients and partners.

    We work with our clients to develop solutions that fit their needs. We are flexible and adapt to change, and act with respect for different views and new ideas.

    We have in-depth knowledge and experience with planning and executing complex subsea operations. We complete our projects safely and efficiently, using proven solutions.

    We hold ourselves to the highest standards, and expect our partners to do the same. We are diligent and thorough and deliver outstanding results.

Our core principles:

  • We are dedicated to meet the individual requirements of each client.

    Recognising the critical importance of timely deliveries, efficient solutions and rapid adaptability, we provide our clients with highly qualified and accomplished teams, first-rate assets, and proven solutions.
  • We recognise that our people are essential to our success.

    We invest in people and their professional progress, fostering a highly qualified and motivated work force.
  • We hold long term perspectives.

    Based on reliability, quality and professionalism, we build relationships that last – with clients, employees, partners and owners.
  • We never put safety at risk.

    The safety of people and the environment is at the heart of all tasks and operations that we undertake, from engineering to installation.
  • We work to create value for all stakeholders.

    - Clients, employees, partners, owners, and the society at large.